SDi Shop Car Blog part 2

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Project: M5Hunter 2.0


2002 BMW 530i Sport Package

5 Speed Manual Transmission


M5 Bumper!  A replica anyway.  Not only is it visually just a better option, but it also allows way better air flow for... who knows what.  After addressing the bumper, I got even more excited about the car.  Its such a simple change that completely transforms the look of it.

While a large effort commonly goes into the exterior styling of your project, lets face it... a larger portion of the time that you are enjoying your car is spent behind the wheel.  I can admit, I wasn't in love with the gray interior.  I will pick a black interior every time if given the option.  Couple that with the "wood grain" trim and I wasn't happy. 

I went back and forth with completely gutting it and finding a black interior.  Out of nowhere a friend sent me a Craigslist link for a complete Technical Graphite trim set.  I had a hard time imaging how it would look on the gray.  I wasn't sure if I'd love it but I knew it had to be better than the wood.  So I rolled the dice...

Man... what an improvement!  I am so happy with it.  I'd almost go as far as to say I'd pick this over black, which is saying something.  I grin every time I get into this thing now.  Looking into some floor mat options next, then who knows what...