Suspension FAQ

Do you retain factory eccentric bolt adjustments?

Stock eccentric bolts are retained during installation.  This allows for installers to rough set camber by adjusting the length the arm and fine tune on the alignment rack using the stock adjusters.  It’s recommended that when installing to set the factory eccentric bolts in the neutral (middle) position to allow for the easiest time and most adjustability during the alignment process.


Do I need to grease or service end-links?

The end-links included with our rear correction arms are PTFE lined and come ready to install.  As with any performance oriented part, they should checked and greased annually.


Do you offer replacement bushings and end-links?

While the poly bushings and end-links provided with our suspension arms are long lasting, environmental conditions may require them to be replaced over time.  We offer rebuild kits for both our camber and toe arms which can be found in the vehicle specific suspension section of our website.


Where can I find installation info?

We made a YouTube video outlining the install of our camber and toe arms on an E39.  All of our adjustable arm offerings are a similar process.  That video can be seen here:

SDi Camber and Toe Arm Installation