Standard 188mm Differential 4-Clutch Extreme Upgrade Kit

Standard 188mm Differential 4-Clutch Extreme Upgrade Kit

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Clutch style LSD units wear over time. 
As they do, you are slowly losing your ability to put power to the ground.

This upgrade kit replaces your worn clutches and plates while adding additional dynamic locking by doubling the friction surfaces in your differential.  

High power street cars and track cars alike benefit from the ability to spread load over more clutches. This offers cooler operation along with the ability to better distribute more power to the drive wheels. 

Enjoy the benefits of heavy lock up while still being able to easily maneuver through a parking lot without chirping tires.  Meant for daily diving, heavy track use and everything in between.
4-clutch setups require slightly less static preload which helps with drivability but they do wear a bit quicker. 

This kit includes four steel plates, four friction clutches and eight carrier cap bolts.


Important: All clutches and plates must be lubricated liberally during assembly


4-Clutch upgrade kits in the 188mm differential require the LSD carrier cap to be machined down to create space for the extra clutch and plate. 
More info on that can be found here.

*Does not fit 188K or 188L differentials.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!