AFR500v2 Wideband
AFR500v2 Wideband
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AFR500v2 Wideband

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There is a reason your tuner uses the Ballenger Motorsports AFR500 wideband.

Accuracy and reliability are extremely important in initial tuning and continued monitoring of your fueling.  The AFR500 is the key to solid Air/Fuel data viewing.

Available in two versions which are identical other than the o2 sensor.


The Ballenger Motorsports AFR500v2 Air Fuel Ratio Monitor has proven very successful.
The AFR500 makes true wideband technology with top of the line measurement equipment available to enthusiasts and tuners for the first time. Air fuel ratio offers critical feedback for tuners to alter parameters to achieve maximum power and efficiency from their engine.

The AFR500 is capable of reading air fuel ratio values from 9.0:1 to 16.0:1 (0.62-1.1λ with a resolution of 0.1 to provide excellent resolution in the tuning range of most performance vehicles. The Ballenger Motorsports AFR500 utilizes sensitive Nernst style, pump & reference cell based sensors that can detect a wide range of oxygen concentrations in order to properly interpret air fuel ratio in a variety of combustion environments.

The Ballenger Motorsports AFR500 offers a linear analog output to be used as an input to engine control systems, gauges, or data acquisition systems. The output is 9:1 at 0v to 16:1 at 5v.

The base AFR500v2 will include the following:

  • Large, bright digital display controller (~3.4in x 2.7in x 1.3in)
  • 13 ft wiring harness with sealed connections
  • Bosch LSU 4.9 wideband oxygen sensor (NTK Sensor option available)
  • Weld in steel exhaust boss & plug
  • Mounting Velcro
  • Comprehensive Installation, troubleshooting & tuning manual
  • 0-5 volt Analog Output Signal
  • 11-28 volt Input Power (24v system capable)
  • Compatibility with most aftermarket ECUs
  • Compatibility with popular tuning systems like HPTuners & SCT